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Well said, Jagjot. Very much resonates. I would maybe question part of this one paragraph:

"When things are seen for the way they are, there cannot be a conclusion (fixed opinion) about anything. Then the world is not conceptualized as good or evil, moral and immoral, and so on. It is precisely seen the way it is without a filtered perception. The moment we arrive at a conclusion, we have created the dualistic subject-object split."

I took the opening line, "When things are seen for the way they are," to mean the way you are seeing them in this post (i.e., as impossible to see from the perspective of totality), but when seen or understood in that way, you then say, "It is precisely seen the way it is without a filtered perception." I often say things just like that myself, pointing to bare, non-conceptual seeing or a kind of unconditioned openness along with the understanding you describe so well in this post, but increasingly, I wonder if there really is any such thing as "things as they are" or unfiltered perceiving. I truly don't know. An ongoing question here. But anyway, I like the post very much.

One technical point: the problem with large mailings not always going to the in-box is not confined to gmail. It can happen with any mail program, although I have found it does often happen with gmail. But in any mail program, things with multiple recipients or from mailing lists can often end up either in junk or promotions, so anyone who subscribes to mailing lists should check those folders periodically. I find all kinds of odd things in mine from time to time, and I don't use gmail. People can tinker with their spam settings and try to re-train the mail program in various ways, but in my experience, none of that works perfectly. This article on "How can subscribers safelist me" may be helpful: https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204029246/

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Thank you Joan. I am so glad that you read my article. Perhaps, you are correct. Maybe there is no such thing as an "unfiltered" perception. Maybe it is the mind conjuring up the fantasies of "beyond." Who knows. But I am personally not concerned with any of that. I feel "things as they are" includes not being okay with certain things or not having the complete acceptance of What-Is or doubting oneself time and again or having biases.

The only way to communicate an idea is to conceptualize it, but every conceptualization falls short in explaining What-Is. Concepts can be interpreted in different ways. The feeling of uncertainty that comes with the thought, "I don't know," although uncomfortable, gives us an opportunity to investigate as to "who" is saying that. Therefore, all I present is a concept, which does not necessarily have to become anyone's reality.

Your words gives me an opportunity to reflect. I'm enjoying reading your book. It has such excellent pointers and I am learning so much from you. I see so much compassion and empathy in your writings. Perhaps, your concern for worldly problems and human suffering is the how God (or universe) made you. It is beautiful! I don't have that quality. And, thank you for the technical tip. 🙂🙏

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