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This is an interesting story; it reminds me of the situation I am in at present with someone who I am having a projection with.

However, this can be a very painful process to come out of the projection. My situation reminds me of the Dark night of the soul from Carl's Jung perspective which is on YouTube parts 1 and 2.

It explains each detail and how this happens

Thank you Jagjot's for your link

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Thanks Johann. Yes, indeed, it is very painful and intense. Suresh (name changed for anonymity) intellectually understands what's happening but he cannot control his urges. In fact, the more he tries to control, the more he gets sucked into the illusion of imaginary Geeta (name changed). That's the nature of illusion. It cannot be dispelled with effort.

Neither is my intention to give (show or even indicate) him any method to control or change himself. The vision of what's happening is presented as a concept. Only the awareness will bring clarity for Suresh.

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